How to get there

You can reach El Acebo from Astorga or Ponferrada, Astorga & Ponferrada are both on the A-6 road.

From Astorga follow the old road NVI until the sign for ‘Castrillo de Polvazares’, take this turn and continuing along this road, you will pass the villages of ‘Rabanal del Camino’, ‘Forcebadon’, etc continuing along you will eventually arrive at El Acebo. The total distance is 38 km.

From Ponferrada follow the road to Molinaseca, drive through Molinaseca and continue along this road for 10 more minutes and you will arrive in El Acebo. The total distance is 14 km.

La Rosa del Agua - Calle Real 52 - El Acebo (León)
Teléfono de Contacto (+34) 616.849.738